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LINDER GmbH - Your specialist and manufacturer of strapping, strapping tools and strapping machines

Plastic strapping & equipment
Umreifung Kunststoffband, PET Band, PP Band und Zubehör

Here you find plastic strapping like PP and PET strapping as well as manual and battery-powered strapping tools suitable for that kind of strap.

Polyester textile strapping & equipment
Umreifung Textilband, Spanngeräte und Zubehör

Here we offer polyester textile strapping as hot melt, woven and composite strapping as well as the corresponding galvanized and phosphatized buckles

Lashing & equipment
Lashing Lashband, Einweg-Zurrgurte und Zubehör

Lashing and load buckles for optimized system strength can be found here.

Steel strapping & equipment
Stahlband, Verpackungsstahlband, Umreifungsgeräte und Zubehör

Steel strapping in all qualities, strapping dispensers as well as manual and pneumatic strapping tools with corresponding metal seals can be found here

Elastic stretch band
Dehnband, Palettendehnbänder

The ideal solution for intra-company transportation is LINSTRAP elastic stretch band for securing upper pallet layers.

Strapping machines
Voll- oder Halb-Umreifungsautomaten, Umreifungsmaschinen

Semi- and fully automatic strapping machines for all kind of applications with 24h service can be found here


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